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Heritage Preservation Outreach: Promote educational, outreach, and engagement opportunities related to heritage preservation.

Heritage preservation can help residents see themselves and their cultural identity within the city and empower them to more fully participate in civic life. Heritage preservation can be a cornerstone of community development by retaining and rehabilitating buildings that are meaningful to a community and allowing those buildings to house small businesses, helping to promote economic activity. Minneapolis will increase its efforts to reach the community with this message and ensure heritage preservation is accessible to all Minneapolitans, with a focus on communities of color, indigenous communities and low-income communities. Making use of new outreach tools and techniques may help to engage more communities and move beyond past stigmas of preservation.


The City will seek to accomplish the following action steps to promote educational, outreach, and engagement opportunities related to heritage preservation.

  1. Create new ways to participate in heritage preservation that encourage more residents to engage in and influence decisions about the places that matter to them.
  2. Expand outreach around heritage preservation activities and resources, particularly focusing on cultural communities, communities of color, indigenous communities and other communities that have traditionally been underrepresented.
  3. Explore a cultural asset identification approach to expanding educational and outreach activities.
  4. Expand outreach to owners of designated historic properties and other properties important to the city’s heritage about the value of their property and its maintenance and reuse.
  5. Engage with and educate the next generation of stewards of the city’s built environment to foster appreciation of Minneapolis’ history and the built and natural environment.
  6. Continue to increase access to information through the City’s heritage preservation website and through other existing and emerging communication means.
  7. Partner with community and education organizations to connect property owners with preservation education and low-cost or volunteer professional technical support services.
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