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The public comment period is now closed. The draft plan is undergoing revisions, and a revised draft will be released in late September. Visit the FAQ page for more information on Minneapolis 2040.


Heritage Preservation Recognition: Expand recognition programs related to heritage preservation activities.

It’s important to raise awareness not only of the historic resources themselves, but also of the current property owners, developers, craftspeople and organizations that make heritage preservation projects happen. This kind of recognition and appreciation will help promote the retention and rehabilitation of properties significant to the city’s heritage.


The City will seek to accomplish the following action steps to expand recognition programs related to heritage preservation activities.

  1. Continue to recognize outstanding projects, programs, individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to the heritage of Minneapolis, broadened the appreciation of its history for all, and enhanced the urban environment.
  2. Design and install appropriate interpretive signs and historical markers for designated historic districts and landmarks.
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