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The public comment period is now closed. The draft plan is undergoing revisions, and a revised draft will be released in late September. Visit the FAQ page for more information on Minneapolis 2040.


Educational and Economic Access: Increase equitable access to educational and economic opportunities.

Just because a city and region is experiencing economic growth doesn’t mean everyone in the city has the opportunity to benefit, access and participate in that growth. Many Minneapolitans, particularly residents of color, face barriers to participating in the economy. These barriers can start at birth and extend throughout a lifetime, impacting these residents’ access to paid work as their primary means of economic compensation. The presence or absence of this kind of economic stability is an important social determinant of health. Without access to financial resources, it is very difficult to address health challenges related to lack of healthy foods, suitable housing, health care and other necessities of life.

However, simply being employed is not enough to ensure economic stability and prosperity. Having access to a living-wage job is necessary for personal and family stability and health – but many entry-level jobs do not provide wages and related benefits at this level. In addition, the lack of paid time off and support for child care creates additional barriers to finding and retaining employment that allows people to address family needs.


The City will seek to accomplish the following action steps to increase equitable access to educational and economic opportunities.

  1. Support businesses in providing fair wages and worker protections.
  2. Increase job training, youth apprenticeships, and transitional and temporary employment opportunities.
  3. Continue to work with Minneapolis Public Schools and other educational providers to eliminate racial disparities in access to educational opportunities, educational attainment and discipline in schools.
  4. Recruit and retain a diverse City workforce that reflects the demographics of the city.
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