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Minneapolis 2040 is in draft form. From March 22 through July 22, 2018, the City will be reaching out to the Minneapolis community to discuss this draft plan and to encourage review and feedback. Click here to learn how to comment, and consider attending an in-person engagement opportunity.


Draft Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Plan

The Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) is a land corridor along the Mississippi River in the 7-county metro area where there are special land use regulations that guide development activity. The corridor was designated a Critical Area in 1976. Local governments in the corridor, including Minneapolis, must complete a MRCCA plan (a required chapter in the comprehensive plan) that complies with state rules  (MR 6106.0010 – 6106.0180). The draft MRCCA plan for the City of Minneapolis is now available for public review and comment.

Draft Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Plan

To submit comments on the draft MRCCA Plan between now and July 22, 2018, please use the General Comment Form or send an email to

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