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Minneapolis 2040 is in draft form. From March 22 through July 22, 2018, the City will be reaching out to the Minneapolis community to discuss this draft plan and to encourage review and feedback. Click here to learn how to comment, and consider attending an in-person engagement opportunity.


Draft Minneapolis 2040 PDF

Minneapolis 2040 is presented on this web site in an interactive format, with draft plan policies organized by both goals and topics. The intent of this format is to convey that the draft plan policies are interconnected, and that many of them are tied to multiple goals and multiple topics.

Since release of the draft plan, City staff have heard from many people that it would be helpful to also have the draft plan in a static format that can be printed. Linked below is a PDF document that includes the same draft plan content that appears on the interactive web site.

Minneapolis 2040 - The City's Draft Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

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