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On December 7, 2018, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to submit a final draft of Minneapolis 2040 to the Metropolitan Council for their review. This final draft is available in PDF form while staff works to update the interactive website to reflect all of the changes adopted by the City Council.


Minneapolis 2040 PDF

On December 7, 2018, the Minneapolis City Council approved the draft Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan, directing staff to submit the plan to the Metropolitan Council for review.

Minneapolis 2040 is presented on this web site in an interactive format, with draft plan policies organized by both goals and topics. The intent of this format is to convey that the draft plan policies are interconnected, and that many of them are tied to multiple goals and multiple topics.

Linked below is a PDF document that includes all changes made by the City Council during their official review and markup in the Fall of 2018.

Minneapolis 2040 - The City's Draft Comprehensive Plan for Metropolitan Council Review, With Appendices (PDF, 1,108 pages)

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