Received Public Comments

Below is an archive of public comments collected throughout the planning process. Disclaimer: Comments have not been filtered and may include offensive language.

Phase 5 - Review

Comments Received by City Clerk - After September 28, 2018

Public comments received by the City Clerk through the City approval process after September 28, 2018 can be found at the City's Legislative Information Management System. 

Minneapolis 2040 LIMS File

Comments Received from March 22 through July 22, 2018

Below is raw data of public comments received from open house events, online comment boxes and exercises via the website, and emails.

Open House comments by activity (PDF)

Online comments by policy and content (PDF)

Mapped Land Use and Built Form Comments (ArcGIS online map)

Land Use and Built Form comments received from the open houses and online (PDF)

Emailed Comments (PDF)

Phase 1 through Phase 3B

At the end of each phase a summary of engagement activities and transcriptions of all written feedback was packaged together and published online at the project website. Below are the documents that were made available.

Phase Engagement Summary

Phase 1 Engagement Summary

Phase 2 Engagement Summary

Phase 3A Engagement Summary

Raw Data

Phase 2 Civic Engagement Raw Data

Overview of Phase 2 Engagement Feedback

Phase 3A Civic Engagement Raw Data

Phase 3B Civic Engagement Raw Data

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