38th Street Station Area Plan

Plan Background

This 38th Street Station Area Plan is the City’s vision for the future of the 38th Street LRT station area. It is the culmination of extensive community involvement as well as staff and consultant work. It identifies locations, priorities, and guidelines for redevelopment, including the grain mills along Hiawatha Avenue.

38th Street Station Area Plan

Future Land Use and Built Form

Where there was a mix of residential and commercial land use fronting 38th Street in the station area plan west of Hiawatha Avenue, property is now consistently identified as future commercial in the new Minneapolis 2040 map. Properties between Hiawatha and Dight Avenues are also identified as future commercial land use, consistent with the station area plan which calls for a mix of uses. Production mixed use and urban neighborhood categories remain in some areas, largely consistent with the recommendations from the station area plan. Nodes along Minnehaha Avenue retain their future commercial land use designation, with some expansion of allowed commercial uses between 37th and 40th Streets.

The built form recommendations in the station area plan are identified with a number indicating appropriate building height on some of the properties. In many areas the recommendations are unclear or do not exist. The Minneapolis 2040 built form map identifies properties nearest the LRT station, and on property fronting Hiawatha Avenue for the greatest building bulk – at times ranging between the ‘Corridor 6’ and ‘Transit 15’ categories. The 38th Street and Minnehaha Avenue corridors are labeled with the ‘Corridor 4’ category immediately fronting on the streets, which is largely consistent with the station area plan, while transitioning to the ‘Interior 3’ and ‘Interior 2’ categories for properties just off of the corridors. West of Hiawatha the ‘Corridor 4’ category is expanded further off of the corridors to allow for additional transit and commercial supportive redevelopment. Some corridors further from the station are guided for ‘Corridor 3’.

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