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Bassett Creek Valley Master Plan

Plan Background

In 2000 the Minneapolis City Council established the Redevelopment Oversight Committee (ROC) to guide future redevelopment of Bassett Creek Valley. The ROC consists of residents, Valley business people, City Councilmember and mayoral representatives and Ryan Companies selected as master development partner by the neighborhoods through an extensive interview process. With a foundation of grassroots community dedication and an 18-month strategic planning process, transformation of Bassett Creek Valley is ready to shift from plan to action. The rebirth of Bassett Creek Valley will be the celebrated legacy of this generation of Minneapolis leadership.

Bassett Creek Valley Master Plan (2006)

Future Land Use and Built Form

Many land use and built form recommendations in the Bassett Creek Valley Master Plan were reinterpreted and updated through the adoption of the Van White Memorial Boulevard Station Area Plan, adopted in 2017. A summary of how those areas are represented on Minneapolis 2040 maps can be found on the Van White plan page. For the remaining areas not covered by the Van White plan, the Bassett Creek plan’s land use and built form recommendations for areas south of the creek have been accommodated through application of the Production Mixed Use and Parks and Open Space categories. Built form on the Production Mixed Use property remains relatively permissive, with the ‘Transit 30’ category applied to accommodate the mixed use development envisioned in the Bassett Creek plan.

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