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Cedar-Riverside Small Area Plan

Plan Background

The Cedar Riverside Small Area Plan is a policy document produced by the City of Minneapolis to guide land use and development in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood for the next 20 years.  It builds upon the policy direction of The Minneapolis Plan, the City’s comprehensive plan.  It is meant to articulate a vision for the neighborhood based on existing City policy and input from residents, businesses, students, and employees throughout the planning process.  The City, public institutions, and community organizations will use the plan to guide their own decision-making processes with incremental changes to realize the full vision.

Cedar-Riverside Small Area Plan (2008)

Future Land Use and Built Form

Recommendations from the land use map in the Cedar Riverside Small Area Plan are largely left intact in the Minneapolis 2040 future land use map. Much of the plan area remains guided for future public, office, and institutional uses. Mixed use commercial categories are concentrated along Cedar and Washington Avenues as well as near the light rail stations. Riverside, Cedar, and Washington Avenues all carry the Goods and Services Corridor designation to allow for expansion of commercial uses along them. Urban neighborhood is applied in parts of the plan area that are primarily residential today.

The small area plan does not have a parcel specific built form map, and instead communicates levels of intensity through the future land use map. The majority of properties on the future built form map in Minneapolis 2040 are guided for the ‘Corridor 6’ category, with the exception of residential areas off of corridors that are guided for ‘Corridor 4’ and ‘Interior 3’. Properties nearest the two light rail stations are guided for the ‘Transit 30’ category.

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