St. Anthony West Neighborhood Small Area Plan

Plan Background

The Saint Anthony West Neighborhood Association (STAWNO) developed a small area plan that was approved by the STAWNO board in December 2015. The plan was reviewed by City staff and brought to the City's Zoning and Planning Committee as an informational item in the first quarter of 2017.

St. Anthony West Neighborhood Small Area Plan (2017)

Future Land Use and Built Form

Land use recommendations from the small area plan are reflected in Minneapolis 2040 primarily through the application of the ‘Production Mixed Use’, ‘Urban Neighborhood’, and several commercial mixed use future land use designations. Property adjacent to the river largely falls under the ‘Production Mixed Use’ category which allows for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential uses. Commercial categories are concentrated along Broadway Street and Central Avenue, with smaller pockets of commercial property along Marshall Street and University Avenue.

The built form recommendations in Minneapolis 2040 attempt to interpret and build upon the suggestions from the small area plan; which, due to lack of a built form map are communicated through the small area plan’s future land use map. Marshall Street, University Avenue, and 2nd Street are all treated in a similar manner, with the application of the ‘Corridor 4’ category directly fronting those streets and ‘Interior 3’ and ‘Interior 2’ applied to the back of those blocks. The ‘Corridor 6’ category is applied to properties nearest Broadway Street and Marshall to coincide with the concentration of commercial mixed use activity that is envisioned for the location.

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