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Stadium Village University Avenue Station Area Plan

Plan Background

The Stadium Village University Avenue Station Area Plan is the small area plan for the Stadium Village and Prospect Park light rail stations on the Central Corridor line. The planning process was led jointly by the City of Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, and Hennepin County. The plan was recommended for approval by the City Planning Commission at the July 30, 2012, meeting, and approved by the Minneapolis City Council at the regular meeting on August 31, 2012.

Stadium Village University Avenue Station Area Plan (2012)

Future Land Use and Built Form

The future land use map in Minneapolis 2040 largely reflects the future land use recommendations from the station area plan. Commercial mixed use categories are concentrated along University and Washington Avenues. Properties guided for the former Industrial Employment District remain guided long term for industrial and other jobs rich uses through application of the ‘Production Mixed Use’ category. Properties nearest the University of Minnesota are placed in the ‘Public, Office, and Institutional’ category, while remaining property not falling under the aforementioned categories largely are placed in the ‘Urban Neighborhood’ category. The small area plan does not include a parcel specific built form map, rather calling out key sites for medium or high density residential and through use of land use features. The Minneapolis 2040 future built form map takes advantage of the very high accessibility to various amenities in the area by applying a combination of the ‘Transit 10’, ‘Transit 15’, and ‘Transit 30’ categories throughout much of the station areas; transitioning to ‘Corridor 4’ and ‘Interior 2’ at the edges of these locations. Western portions of the study area along University Avenue receive the ‘Corridor 6’ designation.

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