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Van White Memorial Boulevard Station Area Plan

Plan Background

The Van White Memorial Boulevard Station Area Plan is a station area plan prepared for the Metro Blue Line Extension LRT station located at Van White Memorial Boulevard and Olson Memorial Highway. This plan was created by CPED staff in conjunction with Public Works. The Bottineau Project office provided technical support in regard to the LRT line design and engineering. On December 8, 2017, the Minneapolis City Council adopted the Van White Memorial Boulevard Station Area Plan.

Van White Memorial Boulevard Station Area Plan (2017)

Future Land Use and Built Form

The future land use map in Minneapolis 2040 largely reflects the future land use recommendations from the station area plan. Commercial mixed use categories are present at the Van White Station along Olson Memorial Highway as well as along Glenwood Avenue. At the intersection of Van White Memorial Boulevard with both of those cross streets, the ‘Destination Mixed Use’ category is applied to require street level commercial retail. Areas identified as residential flex space in the station area plan are placed in the ‘Production Mixed Use Category’. The majority of remaining properties in the study area not covered by the above categories are placed in the ‘Urban Neighborhood’ designation. Built form guidance in Minneapolis 2040 is also closely aligned with the development intensity recommended in the station area plan. Properties guided in the station area plan for ‘Transit Scale’, ‘Urban Scale’, and ‘Neighborhood Scale’ generally receive the ‘Transit 15’, ‘Corridor 6’, and ‘Corridor 4’ designations respectively in the Minneapolis 2040 future built form map. Exceptions include areas off of corridors farther from the station that are guided for ‘Interior 2’.

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