Parks and Open Space

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Minneapolis is known throughout the country as a city with a high quality of life. One of the reasons for this is the abundance of open spaces and parks. Envisioned 125 years ago, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) managed park system delights Minneapolis’ residents and visitors.In 2017, Minneapolis had the repeat honor of being recognized as the Nation’s Best Park System by the Trust for Public Land; Minneapolis’ parks encompass the city’s defining lakes and river banks and include features of astonishing beauty, historical significance and ecological wonder, all within a thriving urban setting. The Minneapolis Park System is anchored by the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway and includes a multitude of neighborhood parks that provide important gathering and recreation space. Several parks and trails in Minneapolis are also part of the premier Regional Parks System

Minneapolis residents also benefit from the presence of other open spaces such as school facilities, greenways, gardens, and plazas. Open spaces and parks make up a collection of formal and informal landscapes used in numerous ways by the people of Minneapolis.

The policies below address existing open spaces and parks in Minneapolis, and ones that could be created in the future to enhance quality of life and to improve accessibility to parks. As the city continues to grow, it must support the parks system while enhancing other open spaces and public gathering spots in order to ensure recreational opportunities, preserve and enhance ecological function, improve human mental and phyical health, and support economic development and tourism.

Additional supporting materials for Parks and Open Space content can be found in Appendix H, Regional Parks and Trails.


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