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2040 Goals

Explore the Minneapolis 2040 goals.

The Minneapolis 2040 goals are intended to state the plan's intent as clearly as possible, so that we as a city know what we are working to accomplish through the policies of the Comprehensive Plan. Using feedback from the public at the beginning of the planning process, the City Council adopted these goals to provide direction to staff in the development of Comprehensive Plan policies that guide the future of the city. Every policy in Minneapolis 2040 is intended to contribute to achieving one or more of the goals.

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Eliminate disparities

In 2040, Minneapolis will see all communities fully thrive regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, religion, or zip code having eliminated deep-rooted disparities in wealth, opportunity, housing, safety, and health.


More residents and jobs

In 2040, Minneapolis will have more residents and jobs, and all people will equitably benefit from that growth.


Affordable and accessible housing

In 2040, all Minneapolis residents will be able to afford and access quality housing throughout the city.


Living-wage jobs

In 2040, all Minneapolis residents will have the training and skills necessary to participate in the economy and will have access to a living-wage job.


Healthy, safe, and connected people

In 2040, the people of Minneapolis will be socially connected, healthy, and safe.


High-quality physical environment

In 2040, Minneapolis will enjoy a high-quality and distinctive physical environment in all parts of the city.


History and culture

In 2040, the physical attributes of Minneapolis will reflect the city’s history and cultures.


Creative, cultural, and natural amenities

In 2040, Minneapolis will have the creative, cultural, and natural amenities that make the city a great place to live.


Complete neighborhoods

In 2040, all Minneapolis residents will have access to employment, retail services, healthy food, parks, and other daily needs via walking, biking, and public transit.


Climate change resilience

In 2040, Minneapolis will be resilient to the effects of climate change and diminishing natural resources, and will be on track to achieve an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Clean environment

In 2040, Minneapolis will have healthy air, clean water, and a vibrant ecosystem.


Healthy, sustainable, and diverse economy

In 2040, Minneapolis will remain the economic center of the region with a healthy, sustainable, and diverse economy.


Proactive, accessible, and sustainable government

In 2040, Minneapolis City government will be proactive, accessible, and fiscally sustainable.


Equitable civic participation system

In 2040, Minneapolis will have an equitable civic participation system that enfranchises everyone, recognizes the core and vital service neighborhood organizations provide to the City of Minneapolis, and builds people’s long term capacity to organize to improve their lives and neighborhoods.

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