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On December 7, 2018, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to submit a final draft of Minneapolis 2040 to the Metropolitan Council for their review. On January 18, 2019, Metropolitan Council staff determined Minneapolis 2040 to be incomplete. On May 21, 2019, City staff submitted an updated version of Minneapolis 2040 for Metropolitan Council review. Changes made to the plan can be found at the PDF section of this website. The interactive section of the website currently only reflects the version approved by the City Council in December 2018. Once the Metropolitan Council completes their review of the document, the Minneapolis City Council will take final action on Metropolitan Council suggested changes. To track the Metropolitan Council’s review of Minneapolis 2040, visit the Minneapolis Community Page on the Metropolitan Council web site.


Quality of Life: Perpetuate a high quality of life for Minneapolitans that includes safe, open and welcoming cultural and social institutions, as well as natural and built infrastructure.

Sidewalk with amenities
Temporary place-making event on street
Tree canopy in residential neighborhood

A high quality of life is essential to a city’s economic competitiveness. A city and region that can offer its residents desirable lifestyle attractions can more easily recruit, develop and retain businesses and workforces. Minneapolis often appears in the top tier of lists of desirable places to live, work, play and visit. These desirable places are communities that have tradition and history, but are also open, innovative and welcoming. They have cultural and social capital that cannot be found everywhere: arts and cultural institutions, history, entertainment, unique sites, food culture, parks, interesting neighborhoods and social offerings.

These cities also have strong public, civic, religious and nonprofit institutions, access to information and services, robust commercial areas, mixed-income communities, diverse populations, and access to transportation, clean water, living-wage jobs, affordable housing, and healthy food. Residents experience a sense of belonging, stability, and safety. In addition, these are cities where all residents have equal access to these elements, regardless of where they live or their race and ethnicity.


The City will seek to accomplish the following action steps to perpetuate a high quality of life for Minneapolitans that includes safe, open and welcoming cultural and social institutions, as well as natural and built infrastructure.

  1. Promote the identity and vitality of Minneapolis through its numerous cultural and civic institutions and organizations.
  2. Promote at the local, national and international levels the creativity that arises from Minneapolis’ cultural diversity.
  3. Maintain and enhance the many built, historic, arts, and natural environmental assets throughout the city to promote and strengthen communities.
  4. Explore the creation of a program honoring businesses, companies, institutions and organizations that make important quality-of-life and job contributions to Minneapolis.
  5. Ensure infrastructure and facilities are inclusive and welcoming to a diverse local, regional and global population.
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